Spirits Up

I bet there will be some point in life that you’ll feel alone. A kind of misery wherein you realize no one will always be there for you at all times. Somehow, doing the usual things you do feels so strange now and often times, you remember certain memories that swings your mood and ruins your day.


Smile lightly and take that miserable feeling as an opportunity to shove your spirits up. It might seem that the whole world have left you but you still have yourself. Catch some breath and don’t let it over you. Unleash that worry-less you and smile more.

IA - Moon Viewing Recital


As the process goes through, you’ll slowly find those people who really do care for you. When they have crossed your road, enjoy every second you’re with them. Believe when they tell you,

“Believe in you because you’re you. It’s absolutely not hopeless.”

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Write to Express

write more

I strongly believe that writing is one way of expressing the writer’s thoughts and emotions.  Each word that you write are first stocked up in your mind. They originated from mere emotions, experiences, and our little fantasies and they take an imaginary tour from imagination to their final destination.

If you’d ask me how I started with my writing hobby, it started those times that I can’t muster my thoughts as one but I somehow manage to write them out and that really helped me a lot.

So, why not write more? Just like me, it could help yourselves emotionally, plus, there’s nothing wrong with it. Who knows when you speak your thoughts out, you could inspire hundreds, thousands and millions of people with your stories.  What’s your opinion? 

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Leaving Personal Facts

                                             Why Not A Little Intro?

                                                                                                    |  Just some stuff about me |

Name is Charlene, skip my last name and I currently live somewhere in the Philippines. Though I really wanna go and visit some countries right now. Do you guys care about the looks? I have black curly hair and dark brown eyes. Not cool enough, I know.

Introduction1As for my likes, if you still didn’t notice, this girl is a huge fan of anime. (Note: I want to make it clear that I will not be doing an anime blog, but I might post a little stuff about anime. It IS hard to contain feels.) Some books that I’ve read are The Selection, The Elite, and The Prince and I Am Number Four series. The posts I will eventually post might also give you hints of my other interests.

I shouldn’t make this long, ehem ehem. I am totally new in blogging. So things here are still confusing me . Daaaamn. I look forward if you guys would leave a comment of advice or tips for me. It would be really helpful in lessening my ignorance. Lol. Also, maybe, getting to know and making new friends isn’t so bad, is it? /throws confetti around/

Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day! 🙂


Should’ve Said It

This is a story of incidence, a regretful experience.

This is not a true story, but all made up by me.


  I’m just an ordinary girl, a timid and the shy-type to be exact. My mother brought me to this world, guided me, helped me, and lighted my way. I never thought I would regret ignoring the greatest love I have received and not saying “I love you too, Mom” when I had the chance to do so.

Not long before, I was once a cheerful kiddo. Just like any of you back in your childhood days. Whenever the weather acts weird, mother asks me to stay at home. She was cooking my favorite meal while I contentedly fool around all by myself. I was not fond of playing Barbie stuffs but instead I played toys that most male kids liked.

When I’m fortunate, Mom would let me play outside. Under the sunny weather, where the scorching sunlight wraps my shoulders, I was running down the Western Roads. As playful as a child, I was confident that I’m faster than Flash. Mom used to tell,

“You can play all you want but please, always keep in mind to take care. I love you, dear.”

Then, she was waving while I ran out to the field. Late afternoon, and sweat was dropping from my forehead down to my collar as I ran back home. I saw Mom at the staircase waving at me, to tell me

“Welcome home, dear!”

Everything at that time seemed so ordinary but perfect. Everything is well and in place just when something unexpected happened.

Right after arriving home, I was able to sense something different. My mom’s not at her usual place, where she used to hug me warmly and say, “Welcome home!”… I pushed the gates, welcoming myself alone.


I called to her while I wait at the door. Just then, my reflex consciousness forced me to open the door.  A gasped slipped out of my mouth! My mother! … She’s covered in blood, lying lifeless on the floor. Tears escaped from my eyes and flowed over my cheeks. I was kneeling down, muttering the words,

“This . . . isn’t real!”

Why?! I leaned my face over hers, and felt that gentle skin she always had. I was sobbing so hard.

At that moment, I was crying deeply, wishing I should’ve said…

“I love you too, Mom. So much.”

I leaned closer to her ears, and whispered sincerely all the things I yearn to say. Last thing I said,

“Mom, I am so sorry. Oh, how I wish you’re here, to welcome me back and cook me my favorite meal. I want to show you how much I loved you too!
Copyright to the real owner. Not my own photo.

Copyright to the real owner. Not my own photo.